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[software]ColorScroll - http://www.doctorDev.com
This program generates code that can be cut and pasted into HTML files. It can add color to your Web site's scroll bars.
Keywords: ColorScroll; Internet; Web building tools; Scrollbar effects
Downloads: 61
[software]Highlight - http://www.andre-simon.de/doku/highlight/highlight_w32tour_en.html
This program converts source code into color HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX or XSL-FO. It supports 100 programming languages and 50 highlighting themes. You can also add new language definitions and themes.
Keywords: Highlight; Internet; Web building tools; Development; Highlight
Downloads: 52
[software]ScrypTik - http://www.scryptik.com
This Javascript authoring tool can syntax check Javascript code. The editor has color syntax highlighting and always shows line numbers. Many pieces of Javascript and HTML template can be inserted from menus. All Javascript code is extracted, and syntax is checked for integration with the surrounding HTML objects. There are lists of ASCII codes and Javascript code trees. The trees displays all global variables, functions, HTML named objects and events on the left side of the editor...
Keywords: ScrypTik; Internet; Web building tools; Validators; ScrypTik
Downloads: 38
[software]PageXchanger - http://www.port80software.com/products/pagexchanger
This program eliminates file extensions from URLs and source code from IIS Web site. The content negotiation tool separates content from underlying Web technology.
Keywords: PageXchanger; Internet; Web building tools; Development; PageXchanger
Downloads: 29
[software]iEspresio - http://www.iEspresio.com
This application uses an event driven programming model. It includes color syntax highlighting, a JavaScript editor, form layout, permission definition, user and group creation, help documentation creation and finished Web application execution all from within the Web browser. It has connectivity capabilities including graphical and programmatic database access, asynchronous messaging system access and XML remote procedure calls to Web services...
Keywords: iEspresio; Internet; Web building tools; Development; iEspresio
Downloads: 22
[software]Trita - http://trita.com
This is a source code beautifier that learns your personal formatting style by examining examples of your code. First, use a text editor to format your examples and define your style. You can then format your files by invoking Trita through Windows Explorer. The program beautifies JSP, Java, CSS, JavaScript and HTML.
Keywords: Trita; Internet; Web building tools; Accessories; trita
Downloads: 117
[software]ASPexplore - http://www.aspexplore.com
This program includes an ASP browser and an ASP page collection wizard. The ASP browser is capable of interpreting and running ASP pages on-the-fly, along with regular HTML files. ASPexplore allows the opening and execution of a single page or an entire ASP site. In addition to the interpretation of scripts embedded into HTML, it enables the use of ODBC databases, ActiveX and server-side components...
Keywords: ASPexplore; Internet; Web building tools; ASP; ASPexplore
Downloads: 57
[software]ASPrun - http://acsofts.com
With this tool, you can run ASP and ASPX pages like HTML files, directly from your hard drive. Just double-click the file in Windows Explorer.
Keywords: ASPrun; Internet; Web building tools; ASP; ASPrun
Downloads: 75
[software]FlashBuilder - http://flashbuilder.net
This program allows you to create, edit and publish a Flash Web site without any knowledge of Flash or HTML. You can add 50 custom images and MP3 files.
Keywords: FlashBuilder; Internet; Web building tools; Flash; FlashBuilder
Downloads: 137
[software]LinkCheck - http://www.link-check.net
This tool manages your links, verifies reciprocal link statuses, creates HTML link pages and e-mails link partners.
Keywords: LinkCheck; Internet; Web building tools; Validators; LinkCheck
Downloads: 38
[software]xmlBlueprint - http://www.xmlBlueprint.com
This XML editor supports Unicode-aware text editing; validation of any DTD, XML schema or XML document against its DTD or XML Schema, XML layout; real-time XML coloring; and context-sensitive XML dropdown tips.
Keywords: xmlBlueprint; Internet; Web building tools; XML; xmlBlueprint
Downloads: 79
[software]FlashSlider - http://www.flashslider.com
This program allows you to create slideshows for presentations and advertising banners. It makes a slideshow from JPEG images and exports the result to SWF format. The program comes with a library of effects and the toolbars can be dragged anywhere. Slides are created automatically for each image file of the selected group, and they can be dragged and dropped into different orders.
Keywords: FlashSlider; Internet; Web building tools; Flash; FlashSlider
Downloads: 140
[software]CredibleXML - http://www.crediblexml.com
This IDE generates Java libraries to parse and transform data into a fully defined XML format. The user interface lets you define data source parsing parameters to generate documented Java source code and implement custom data format parsers. The generated Java object-oriented framework gives you easy access to manipulate the resulting XML output. It also includes full SAX API support, which allows developers to use standard SAX API to parse data in the custom formats...
Keywords: CredibleXML; Internet; Web building tools; XML; CredibleXML
Downloads: 72
[software]Mergemill - http://www.crossculture.com.hk/
This is a Web site development and database tool. It may be used to create static Web pages from simple text files, spreadsheets or databases, to be published on the Web or CD-ROM. Users can set up FTP accounts, and instruct Mergemill to automatically upload generated Web pages to specified server directories. Source contents may come from any text editor, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, 4th Dimension, Microsoft Excel, AppleWorks, or any database that can export data in XML, Merge or tab-separa...
Keywords: Mergemill; Internet; Web building tools; Development; Mergemill
Downloads: 47
[software]PowerWebTools - http://www.powerwebtools.biz
This program allows Webmasters to create Javascript routines and other Internet-related tools. It comes bundled with 20 effects, a text editor, an image editor and online tools. The custom browser has hooks that allow Javascript to use built-in commands.
Keywords: PowerWebTools; Internet; Web building tools; Accessories; PowerWebTools
Downloads: 141
[software]AutoSite - http://autosite.empiresource.com
This tool can be used to create HTML or ASP web pages that lists your music, photos, documents, or any file type you choose. The software will go into the directory you specify and list all files contained within it, create links to the subfolders and list all files in the subfolders by file extension that you specify. The pages will contain the necessary HTML/ASP and JavaScript code so your lists can be sorted and color coded to distinguish the differences between folders and files.
Keywords: AutoSite; Internet; Web building tools; Development; autosite
Downloads: 157
[software]WebXselerator - http://www.webxselerator.com
This program allows you to design rich content data entry Web sites. Using the palette of JavaScript controls you can create Web applications. You can choose from languages including Java, CSharp, VB or ASP, and you can choose page coding schemes including ASP, JSP or an HTML/JavaScript combination. It supports Oracle, SQL server or MySQL, as well as most databases accessible through JDBC or ODBC. It includes a built-in editor for making code adjustments and changes.
Keywords: WebXselerator; Internet; Web building tools; Development; WebXselerator
Downloads: 64
[software]Liveswif - http://www.liveswif.com/
This allows you to create Flash movies, buttons and banners. It provides several vector drawing tools, including freehand, curve, shape, spline and contour. It also has an in-place text editor. It is a keyframe-based animation system with path motion and transform motion tools. By setting a new position, angle, size or color in keyframes, the program will blend the in-between frames automatically.
Keywords: Liveswif; Internet; Web building tools; Flash; Liveswif
Downloads: 459
[software]ProjectForum - http://www.projectforum.com/pf/
This program provides a Web based focus for your team's work and collaboration, helping to move documents and projects forward. Its flexible Wiki-style forums fill the gap between e-mail and meetings or teleconferences. Your team can work closely together, following the latest developments, without everyone needing to be working at the same time. Build a project site or intranet where everyone can actively and directly contribute, without complex software or a full-time administrator...
Keywords: ProjectForum; Internet; Web building tools; Development; ProjectForum
Downloads: 85
[software]SnapCharts - http://www.dawgroup.com/snap/
This program allows you to create animated Flash-compatible charts that can be displayed in any browser.
Keywords: SnapCharts; Internet; Web building tools; Flash; SnapCharts
Downloads: 104
[software]JScriptEdit - http://www.image-ination.com/JScript/
This JavaScript editor has options for color coding, styling and debugging. You can also preview code without having to save it. The function menu dynamically stores all of your functions and allows you to jump to them without scrolling. There are wizards for tasks like setting cookies, browser redirection, form validation and GREP construction. A tutorial is also included.
Keywords: JScriptEdit; Internet; Web building tools; Javascript; JScriptEdit
Downloads: 44
[software]LinkView - http://www.bayimage.com
This is an HTMl link checker, Web page download performance profiler and Web site monitor. It creates Web page download reports in both XML and HTML formats.
Keywords: LinkView; Internet; Web building tools; Validators; linkview
Downloads: 189
[software]Magellan - http://www.bcltechnologies.com
This program converts any printable Windows file, including PDF, DOC and XLS, to HTML with all of the formatting and page layout intact. Magellan converts all of the text and images from your PDF to a precise HTML replica of your file using CSS stylesheets. Users can zoom in, serach, and print the document. You can also select the HTML3 option for free-flowing, editable HTML output.
Keywords: Magellan; Internet; Web building tools; Development; magellan
Downloads: 81
[software]RoboDemo - http://www.ehelp.com
This program helps you build tutorials and demos in Flash format. You can customize the tutorials with rollover and transparent captions, images, scoring, imported files, text and click boxes, audio, hyperlinks and special effects.
Keywords: RoboDemo; Internet; Web building tools; Flash; RoboDemo
Downloads: 264
[software]ASPRunner - http://www.xlinesoft.com/asprunner
This program creates sets of ASP pages to access and modify Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, MySQL, FileMaker database or other ODBC datasources. Using generated ASP pages you can search, edit, delete and add data into databases.
Keywords: ASPRunner; Internet; Web building tools; ASP; ASPRunner
Downloads: 103
[software]JSPMaker - http://www.hkvstore.com/jspmaker
This is a code generator that creates a full set of JSP (JavaServer Pages) quickly from MySQL or Oracle. Using the generated JSP, users can view, edit, search, add and delete records in the database. Generated codes are clean and customizable.
Keywords: JSPMaker; Internet; Web building tools; Javascript; JSPMaker
Downloads: 263
[software]EditiX - http://www.editix.com
This XML editor supports XSLT/FO and XSD schema. EditiX has real-time XPath location and syntax error detection. Helpers are also provided with context syntax popup supporting DTD, Schema and RelaxNG. EditiX supports multiple templates and project management. Users can apply XSLT or FO Transformation and show the result with a dedicated view. The entire process can be managed by shortcuts. EditiX includes default templates with XML, DTD, XHTML, XSLT, XSD, XML RelaxNG, SVG, MathML and XML FO.
Keywords: EditiX; Internet; Web building tools; XML; EditiX
Downloads: 157
[software]Authentic - http://www.altova.com
This XML content editor allows business users to enter data and text directly into XML documents without being exposed to the underlying technology. You can fill in electronic forms using the word-processor style WYSIWYG interface and your content is automatically written in XML behind the scenes. AUTHENTIC 2004 is suited for use as the data entry element in advanced XML-based document frameworks.
Keywords: Authentic; Internet; Web building tools; XML; authentic
Downloads: 75
[software]Polar Studio - http://www.polarstudio.com/
This is a RAD tool for Web-based business applications. The application development environment and runtime page generator allows you to create advanced Web-based business applications.
Keywords: Polar Studio; Internet; Web building tools; Development
Downloads: 102
[software]XMLCooktop - http://xmlcooktop.com
This is a Windows editor for authoring XML documents, DTDs and XSLT style sheets.
Keywords: XMLCooktop; Internet; Web building tools; XML; XMLCooktop
Downloads: 539
[software]PHPMaker - http://www.hkvstore.com/phpmaker/
This automation tool can generate a full set of PHP scripts from MySQL databases. Using the generated PHP, users can view, edit, search, add and delete records in the database on the Web. With the Quick Generate Wizard, you can generate your Web site instantly. This tool is suitable for both beginners and experienced PHP developers.
Keywords: PHPMaker; Internet; Web building tools; PHP; phpmaker
Downloads: 179
[software]Nacho - http://www.nacho.com/
This open-source application server and Web development platform can produce applications, content management systems, interactive content and custom Web applications. It features a fourth-generation template language and database abstraction layer to dynamically produce HTML, XML, JPEG, PNG, CSV, ZIP and other rich content types.
Keywords: Nacho; Internet; Web building tools; Development; Nacho
Downloads: 51
[software]WebExpress - http://www.longtion.com
This visual Web development tool uses wizards to design complex Web pages. It does not require knowledge of HTML commands. Simply click, point, place and preview. The program creates sets of pages to access and modify Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, Informix, MySQL, FileMaker database or any other ODBC data source or ADO data source. You can add, delete, update and edit table records, in addition to executing SQL...
Keywords: WebExpress; Internet; Web building tools; Development; WebExpress
Downloads: 135
[software]TemplateTamer - http://www.templatetamer.com/
This is a Web application development tool for creating and maintaining template based dynamic PHP Web applications. Its includes an IDE, a framework for development of template applications, a PHP code generator and a PHP template engine.
Keywords: TemplateTamer; Internet; Web building tools; Development; TemplateTamer
Downloads: 118
[software]TinCam - http://www.tincam.com
This Web cam program will update your homepage with pictures or a live video stream. It provides interval updates, scheduled updates, motion detection updates, live video streaming, and supports multiple cameras, captions, overlay images, Web page creator, FTP upload and HTTP image server. You can have en e-mail sent on motion detection, create a picture history on a Web site, creates thumbnails on your Web site...
Keywords: TinCam; Internet; Web building tools; Accessories; TinCam
Downloads: 118
[software]SaveMyColors - http://www.harris-dev.com/software/SaveMyColors/SaveMyColors.php
This Web design tool can save up to twelve of your most commonly used colors. The program has drag-and-drop capabilities so you can preview color schemes.
Keywords: SaveMyColors; Internet; Web building tools; Color pickers; SaveMyColors
Downloads: 23
[software]HTMLCompact - http://www.antssoft.com
This is an HTML compression tool for Webmasters. The compression algorithm reduces size by up to 20 percent, leaving the rest of the page untouched.
Keywords: HTMLCompact; Internet; Web building tools; Compressors and compilers; HTMLCompact
Downloads: 22
[software]HITSEEKER - http://www.shadow-strike.com
Add a Search engine to your Web site with no server-side coding necessary. This design tool allows Web developers to add search functionality to their Web sites by simply dragging their HTML files from Windows Explorer to create a searchable index file in seconds.
Keywords: HITSEEKER; Internet; Web building tools; Web site promotion; hitseeker
Downloads: 34
[software]Image RollNow - http://www.asensoft.com/
This is a software tool to make image rollovers and buttons for your Web pages. It generates all the JavaScript code so you don't need to write it yourself.
Keywords: Image RollNow; Internet; Web building tools; Special effects; Image RollNow
Downloads: 39
[software]WebPhly - http://www.webphly.com
This program allows non-Web-developers to put Web pages on the Internet. It supports drag-and-drop, and cut-and-paste of pictures and files. You can also use HTML text in WebPhly.
Keywords: WebPhly; Internet; Web building tools; Visual and WYSIWYG editors; WebPhly
Downloads: 38
[software]PagePromoter - http://www.PagePromoter.com
This program helps promote your Web site to major search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo!, Lycos, Northern Light, Webcrawler, DMOZ, Go and Hotbot. PagePromoter includes Web master tools like Popularity, Ranking, Linkage, FTP Uploader and Meta tag utility. PagePromoter also has support for accessing pay-per-click sites and paid review search engines from one location, comprehensive reporting features in HTML, text, e-mail, and CSV for import into Excel and other programs, a built-...
Keywords: PagePromoter; Internet; Web building tools; Web site promotion; PagePromoter
Downloads: 64
[software]Color Picker - http://www.kits.it/php/colorpicker.php?lang=EN
This program can catch a color from the screen and show its values. You can also crop images and show a ruler on the desktop.
Keywords: Color Picker; Internet; Web building tools; Color pickers; Color Picker
Downloads: 129
[software]eWriter - http://home.earthlink.net/~acorioso/ew_main.htm
This is a Web-centric integrated writing environment. It supports HTML, XHTML, and XML tagging, and allows you to build, import and export tagsets. It provides file, text and window management, 8-bit character type as text or ML escapes. X-toggle and Char-vs-Escape typing is persistent.
Keywords: eWriter; Internet; Web building tools; Text editors; ewriter
Downloads: 47
[software]Yushilary Survey - http://www.yushilary.com/products.html
This program extends Microsoft Office to allow you to create, deploy and analyze Web and e-mail surveys. You use Word to create the survey, Outlook to deploy your mailing and Excel to analyze the results.
Keywords: Yushilary Survey; Internet; Web building tools; XML; Yushilary Survey
Downloads: 44
[software]WildEdit - http://www.textpad.com/products/wildedit/
This program makes the same changes to several files at once. It edits a set of text files in a folder hierarchy, filtered by wildcards. You simply specify the search text, optionally using a regular expression, the replacement text and a wildcard filter. Then, let it run. This process can be repeated as often as is required, and up to the last 10 changes can be undone and redone.
Keywords: WildEdit; Internet; Web building tools; Text editors; WildEdit
Downloads: 149
[software]Trellian Button Factory - http://www.trellian.com/tbf/index.html
This Web graphics tool allows you to take predefined button styles and tailor them to your own needs. You can create buttons, menus, logos and icons for use on your Web site or in multimedia presentations. Trellian Button Factory includes built-in libraries, giving you a range of options to tailor your needs. Use the existing library to customize style, size, shape and color or let Trellian Button Factory help you create new templates.
Keywords: Trellian Button Factory; Internet; Web building tools; Button creators
Downloads: 62
[software]Menu Designer - http://www.apisystems.co.uk/menudesigner30/index.htm
This program allows you to create Windows Explorer-style menus for your Web site. Once you have designed your menu, the program will generate the Web pages that contain the Javascript to implement your design. You can display the directories and files of your Web site in one window, and the program supports drag-and-drop operations.
Keywords: Menu Designer; Internet; Web building tools; Menu builders; Menu Designer
Downloads: 62
[software]Weblink Checker - http://www.axgold.com/weblinkchecker
This tool checks your Web site on your PC before you upload it to your Web host. Select the file corresponding to your home page and the software will spider your site on your PC, checking every internal link and giving you a detailed report of any problems. Weblink Checker also offers a link editor feature allowing you to repair broken links, display all the links present in any Web page and replace any link.
Keywords: Weblink Checker; Internet; Web building tools; Validators; Weblink Checker
Downloads: 44
[software]SpyderStats - http://www.spyderstats.com
All you need to use this program is the URL of your Web site and the file name of your home page or page to be searched. The program will search 20 of the top engines for your URL listings, report to you the keywords/phrases used, and tell you where in the list you are ranked and how the engine came to choose that key-phrase. You can even search as deep as 500 places if you want and keep a running tab on all searches for future comparisons.
Keywords: SpyderStats; Internet; Web building tools; Web site promotion; SpyderStats
Downloads: 34
[software]WEBSmith 2 - http://www.softidiom.com
Build your site by dropping components onto new or existing HTML pages without programming. Start from scratch or renovate your existing site. Manage and create site content from anywhere via an Internet browser or delegate specific content management tasks to individual team members.
Keywords: WEBSmith 2; Internet; Web building tools; Development; WEBSmith
Downloads: 32
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